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Mobile app to manage sports tournaments


January 2023


UI Designer

Lastplay is a mobile application that offers specialized free services to manage sports tournaments (tochito, soccer and basketball). Considering the user involved in this type of tournments, we identified three user types with diferent needs: admin, player and guest.

Based on the business and User needs, we defined the minimum features that they need to have a good experience in the app. As an admin you can create a tournament, add teams, and players, publish the game schedule, and track the score of each match; as a player, you can register for a team, keep track of your game schedule, and view general tournament information and as a visitor you can be aware of the schedule of your favorite teams.

My role in this project wasto improve the user interface, take the brand guidelines and redefine the user experience through improvements to copy, workflows, and user interface elements considering the technical limitations and business requirements.

Understanding and definition

The business requirements and research results have been omitted for privacy reasons. So, based on the research step results, the first design proposal was done in two parts:

Site map / Information Architecture

Low-fidelity wireframes from scratch

UI Design

After advancing to medium-fidelity wireframes and testing them, a mood board and style guide were created to get started with high-fidelity wireframes.

These are the screens designed before the interface updates and the screens after new brand guidelines were applied. The improvement included copy changes, redefinition of workflows, new alternative flows that considered errors and empty states within the application, and a large change related to interface elements and UI patterns.

Next steps

The next steps will be to measure the use of the application and organize surveys and user tests to verify the effectiveness, efficiency, usability, and user satisfaction when using the application and continue iterating based on the results. At the same time, start to work on the admin panel that will be managed by internal staff.

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