November 2022 - July 2023


Product Designer

Flink is a Fintech Startup that seeks to democratize stock investments. With Flink users can invest in the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE) and the National Association of Securities Dealers Automated Quotations (Nasdaq) shares from 30 pesos mexicanos to later sell their stocks at higher prices and make profits or dividends, they can also invest money in low-risk products and obtain daily returns with the savings account.

When I joined the company, the app was in the official store but we were facing 3 challenges: t volume of daily transactions should increase, the users didn’t have the best experience in the app and they had problems making investment decisions, and a high percentage of users leave the onboarding process before finish it.

In this case study, I'm going to focus on the first and second challenges to leave aside the third, since for privacy reasons I can't reveal more information about it.


We had 4 user personas defined, but for focused on the 2 challenges we focused on two. Our user persona represents the 2 types of users to whom the application is oriented, users that don't have extensive knowledge in investments but are risk takers.

Andrea is our younger user, she is looking for new ways to increase his heritage but she is not sure how she can do it.

Bruno is our main user, he is young but his ambitions lead him to make risky decisions to get what he wants.

Understanding the problem - User needs

Flink's mission is to become the easiest and favorite investment application, it is important for customers to easily find stocks and understand the information related with to making good investment decisions. As the catalog and the information continue increasing, it was becoming evident that so much information overwhelms users. So, the mission of bringing users closer to investments is not being fulfilled.

Based on this assumption, we conducted deep-dive interviews with 14 participants to understand pain points and opportunity areas and define what actions to take.

What did data tell us?

Important needs to come out of this user testing included:

  • • 41% of users use his application daily
  • Just under 23% invest in stocks 1 time per week
  • 50% of users consider that need more data or help to take better decisions
  • • 28% of users consider that need financial education

Plan of Action

With all of the above in mind, design and product paired up to discuss ideas and proposals to solve our 2 main challenges:

After analyzing the user and business needs, our technical constraints and the user experience that we want to offer, the agreed work was:

Ideation & Prototyping

Having agreed on the action plan, I moved on to ideating. This was done in three parts:

A sketching session

to explore different design proposals and a deeper analysis of some ideas to see which one to take forward into further exploration.

Prototyping and testing

We worked on low-fidelity wireframes based on the most-rated idea, then we did usability tests with 6 users to test our hypothesis and our design.

High fidelity Wireframes

After analyzing the results, we move forward to high-fidelity wireframes using our Design System: Enchiridion.


The first proposal to help users make better investment decisions was a small but complex section in the stock detail view, where we show a suggested action to take, based on expert opinion accompanied by analysis and related graphs It was a win-win because, at the same time, this proposal helps to increase the daily transactions.

The second proposal focused on increasing the buying and selling of shares without leaving aside the user experience, is about offering the option of creating combos of shares, which can be shared by expert users and purchased by others.

Measuring Success & Next steps

The next step is to track the average daily purchases and sales, and the average per purchase-sale ticket, in addition to applying surveys to users to find out their experience on the "Analysts recommend" section and its usefulness.

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