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Julio 2022


Product Designer

Fixtergeek is a learning platformthat offers on-demand development courses for programming languages or frameworks such as JavaScript, React, Remix, CSS, NodeJS, NextJs, Redux, etc. And also, you can find there my own UI Course 😉.

How to create a useful platform where users can learn easily and enjoy the learning experience? What are the user needs? What is the learning workflow that we can follow?

With this in mind, I identified two types of users: collaborators and students. As a collaborator, our users need a way to view key data, manage courses (create them, upload content, and edit them), send the newsletter, and assign courses to enrolled students. Our student users need to be able to see their courses, access each other's material, and edit his profile.

After defining the users, user stories, user flows, and the site map and having had sketching sessions, I moved forward to work on high-fidelity wireframes, including happy and unhappy paths.

High fidelity wirefranes
User Interface Design

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