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Octubre 2023


UX/UI Designer is a Consultancy Agency that offers IT services at affordable prices like web design, web development, UX/UI services, mobile apps development and programming language training courses.

Recently,'s decided to improve the experience in the website based on the analytics data, update the brand guidelines, and also they decided add new features like offering an online quotation for his client's projects and they seek to show the list of Software As A Service created by them, so, the old website didn't have the architecture to display the new information it was necessary to design a new website without change the tone and voice brand.

My challenge in this project was to redesign the website interface looking for a modern, simple, visual, and interactive look and feel.

UI Design

These are the old website screens designed before the interface updates and the screens after new brand guidelines were applied. The improvement included changes in the interface elements and UI patterns.

Next steps

The next steps are to organize user tests periodically as well as to track the website's analytics (users, views, conversions, session time, etc) to identify points of improvement and improve the usability and efficiency in the website.

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