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Junio 2020 - Junio 2022


UX/UI Designer

Covalto is a Bank that was born from de Banco Finterra acquisition by Credijusto. This new bank offers financial products like personal and enterprise loans, debit accounts, factoring and leasing services, and investment instruments. But, one of the main goals in 2022 was to launch a business credit card that was the best solution to manage business expenses.

The challenge was design a mobile application or web app that allows companies to request an expense card account in a 100% digital way, where the users can request and assign expense cards for the collaborators of their companies and monitor and restrict the expenses as well in each card.

Understanding the problem - User needs

To understand the user needs around the business credit card, I started with the research that was done in two parts:


Having considered the market option, We identified 20 options in the local and international markets with a similar offer. So, we analyzed and compared these financial products.


I conducted deep-dive interviews with 12 participants to understand the needs, pain points, and opportunity areas around the business card services.

User Personas & Journeymap

After gleaning valuable insights from the 'understand' phase, We formed three personas – heavily influenced by the flexible questionnaire analysis. These were created to help craft a better experience later down the line when ideating.

Sofia is in charge of managing the company's cards and expenses and is the one who normally has problems limiting employee spending and justifying all company expenses.

Juan Carlos is the one who uses the business card for his daily expenses as a sales agent, but he has difficulties managing his expenses and being able to pay with it.

A customer journey map was created to map the process step by step, from the need for the business credit card to its use or cancellation.

What did data tell us?

Important needs to come out of these surveys included:

  • • 66% of users (companies) use business cards or pantry cards
  • • 58% of copmanies use platforms that don't have card spending restriction options
  • Employees who use pantry cards don't have an application to manage their expenses
  • • 23% of users have problems paying with their TDC (they are not accepted in all establishments)


Working closely with the Product VP, we defined per user type the features that the app must have to achieve the business goals and solve the user's needs improving his experience using business cards.

*Some details of the product and process have been changed or omitted for privacy reasons.

Ideation & Prototyping

Site map

To ensure that content is found in the places where users expect to find it, I conducted an ideation session with some users.


With the site map defined, I moved forward to design low-fidelity wireframes.


We identified some issues related with the company documents verification, so I worked on a service blueprint to improve the workflow.

High fidelity wireframes

After reviewing the mid-fidelity wireframes with the product and development team, I continued with high-fidelity wireframes for IOS and Android.

Next steps

Continuing to iterate the app, a beta launch was scheduled in February 2020 to test the app (experientially and functionally) with real users. Iterations continued after this testing cycle.

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