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October 2023 - January 2024


Product Designer

Constructoken is a Fintech Startup that seeks to facilitate self-producers of housing the construction or remodeling of their housing from any place in Mexico through financial products and prepayment of materials. And looking for a complete experience, they offer extra services to facilitate the construction of users' homes like automatic quotations based on the place where the user lives (considering local prices), default House plans, and attractive rewards when the user meets his goal.

The self-producers of housing carry out each part of the construction independently, from making the plan of the construction, searching for materials, and even supervising the work. To help self-producers with this complicated process, it's necessary to know their needs in each part of the process and identify at which points Construtoken can help them in a way that is useful to users and gives them the value necessary to use it.

Understanding the process

To get to grips with the problem areas around the auto production housing process, I carried out three different exercises to collect as much information as possible about the challenge. These were:

Desktop research on similar products or services on the market, where we find 3 direct competitors: Construrama, Keobra, and Criptoladrillo.

Application of quantitative and qualitative surveys in 4 different cities in México to identify goals and needs.

Contextual observation, identifying the pains and needs in each step of the autoconstruction process.

Generating Personas

After gleaning valuable insights from the 'understand' phase, plotting an affinity diagram and an empathy map, I formed two personas – heavily influenced by the flexible questionnaire analysis. These were created to help craft a better experience later down the line when ideating.

Emiliano is a user who wants to build his house but he doesn't have access to banks financial products.

Luis has been working for a long time to build his house in México, but it's difficult for him to do it from the United States.

Definition & Ideation

After looking at data, analyzing user needs, creating personas to match these insights, and discussing business requirements. I moved on to ideating. This was done in three parts:

MoSCoW method

After working with the product and development team on a Value proposition canvas and defining the user stories, I moved forward to prioritize the features with the MoSCoW method.

Site map

Having considered the prioritized features I worked on the app architecture.

Sketching & User flow

I started with a sketching session to define the user flows into the app, including happy paths and unhappy paths.

Developing the idea

After ensuring that the user flows math with the needs of the users, I began working on a style guide based on the brand guidelines to continue with the high-purpose wireframes of both the application and the website.

Next Steps

Test the prototype with users and iterate on the design based on user feedback before taking it into development and then start with a beta test with 10 users to continue collecting feedback and iterating the design.

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